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The all-new 2013 AD and updated AST editions are available!

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EPSO Administrator (AD) 2013 edition  (all questions are new!)
Turpin Distribution (2013 AD Edition)
The Book Depository (2013 AD Edition) – free delivery
The European Bookshop (2013 AD Edition) – Brussels
Books Express (2013 AD Edition) – Romania
EU Vizsga (2013 AD Edition) – Hungary

EPSO Assistant (AST) 2013 edition  (fully updated!)
Turpin Distribution (2013 AST Edition)
The Book Depository (2013 AST Edition) – free delivery
The European Bookshop (2013 AST Edition) – Brussels
Books Express (2013 AST Edition) – Romania
EU Vizsga (2013 AST Edition) – Hungary


"The Test Book has helped me do the exam... I managed to pass the EU competition, so I'm waiting to be recruited in the coming weeks. A big thank you!"

Elena Gregorieva

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